Vilnius Chamber Theatre

It is common to say that life is like theatre. We claim the opposite - theatre is our life, which we share with you. We have a confession to make - on stage we live, not act. And you are a part of that life. Creating story and character is our attempt to get to know people better.

We could say that our plays are for both children and adults. But honestly, we mostly care about connecting with every member of our audience, and there is no age limit for that. Neither are there limits for genres. Our repertoire consists of a great variety starting with drama, comedy, musical, and finishing with improvised concerts and many more. The plays are written by either Lithuanian or foreign playwrights. Nevertheless, they all invite to discuss social issues and human relationship. We encourage you to discuss them together!

Since in our theatre there are no limits for age and genre, there are no time limits either. Our debut as a professional troupe was with the play “To Set the Gold Foal Free” by Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite in 2002. Vilnius Chamber Theatre was founded in 2011 March 28 th . Nevertheless, the time frame vanishes on the stage - performing allows us to travel through and experience every single era!

The repertoire of Vilnius Chamber Theatre consists of twenty plays so far. Even though we present 2 - 3 premieres every year, we could say that every performance of ours is like a premiere to us. We elevate every play through and with you, our present and future spectator!